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“The Best Chance Of Crafting a Sentence That Pulls The Reader Out of Their Everday Life”

“Rockey can show you how to be thoughtful in your preparation, deliberate in your execution, and give yourself the best chance of crafting a sentence that pulls the reader out of their everyday life.”

Peter Lowe

Lead Copywriter , Stone Press

What’s This Website Is All About?

RockeySimmons.com is where professional marketers, SaaS companies, and aspiring software-as-a-service copywriters turn for proven techniques on email marketing, sales copy, and resource advice.

Here you’ll discover effective SaaS training and knowledge about copywriting for SaaS products that shines like a beacon for writers and companies trying to find their way.

On this site, you will experience my relentless vision for finding the real problems software solves and the best way to express its solutions.

This is why CEOs from companies like QuickSprout, PortSide Marketing, and countless others trust me to build relationships with their readers.

“Rockey is one of our most reliable writers!

He gets his assignments done on time, every time. 

He is always looking to get better by learning and taking on new things. Highly recommend him if you need writing, sales copy, or copywriting.

Lisa Parziale

Co-founder , Portside Marketing & EZOnlinePrinter.com

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How Does RockeySimmons.Com Improve Your SaaS Marketing And Teach You SaaS Copywriting That Builds Lasting Customer Relationships?

Many “self-proclaimed Copywriting Gurus” say: “To succeed in copywriting you only need a few tricks and tips, start handwriting copy and you’ll be making six figures in no time.”

That’s bologna!

If only it were that easy… sorry… but no.

I learned this the hard way, following paper thin advice and coaching at the start of my career.

Then after Jedi-like focus, I figured out the most important thing you need to know.

I’m going to share it with you here and now.

You Ready?

There are NO shortcuts.

Sure, there are plenty of resources, tips, and hacks. But that never lasts. If that’s what you want, this site isn’t for you. 

Yeah, I’ll give you tips, resources, and techniques. But that’s not the kind of foundation you want the copy you write for yourself, or for someone’s business to be built on.

That’s the fastest way to sink your career before it even leaves the port.

There’s a lot more to copywriting than that.

With SaaS copy especially.

There is no room for guessing and hacks.

Why? Because there are millions on the line.


That’s where RockeySimmons.com comes in.


Here is where I show you the exact tips, strategies, and techniques that help you recognize buyer-priority SaaS copy, and how to write it.

This way you turn more fremium customers into premium paying relationships. Or start a SaaS copywriting career you can be proud of.

No fluff. No theoretical ideas. Just actionable advice that delivers.

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