Guard: “Halt!

Who goes there?”

It is I, Sir Rockey of Knottingham.

Guard: “What is your business here?”

I come bearing the finest fruits, collected from lands far and wide on my travels.

A token of my loyalty to the Kingdom.

They are exotic and juicy.

Our gracious King will be the only one to possess them.

Our mighty King has ever tasted fruit so sweet, so endearing, so… well… exquisite.

His name will ring in the ears of the great Kings, and Queens, like the horn of Gondor, for all who know he hath offered these flavor ripened fruits of new!

And if you let me pass he may even grace you with a taste.

Guard: “You may pass”

What Just Happened Here?


I told you a story of a Knight.

One who found new fruits, but not just any fruit.

Fruit that will make a King legendary to his people, peers, and history.

What King wouldn’t want that?

What about when you are offering your products and services? Are you peddling old common fruit?

What’s special about it? What’s the benefit?

Are you asking yourself what does your reader really want?

Do you know?

If so that’s your benefit. That’s the one thing you talk about throughout your post, campaign, or ad.

And everything you use for proof, credibility, and features, needs to support that ONE core benefit.

Sure having a bunch of benefits is cool. It satisfies the ego’s need to be proud of all the research you’ve done, by filling your copy with tons of bullets.

“ooohhh ahhhh, look at all the stuff they get, you might be thinking”

Only a few readers will think that by the way.

Truth is, that approach is not using your time wisely.

Instead, if you find out what your audience is dying to have, the end result, the feeling.

What’s their primary motivation?

And you hammer that home. You pound on how your product fixes, solves or eliminates that ONE thing.

You will sell more, and offer more people help they can actually use.

You don’t want a soup of benefits, leaving it up to the reader to decide which one is more important they address first.

You must make it easy for them and focus on ONE benefit.

And that benefit will reveal the one feeling you need to focus on in your copy.

Whatever it is you’re reaching for with the goal of your campaign. It needs to be attached to ONE Benefit and ONE Feeling.

So… What About The King?

What was his core motivation? The ONE benefit? What did the benefit of fancy fruits from far and wide give him?


A feeling of SUPERIORITY. And the benefit of being remembered.

And Sir Rockey of Knottingham knew that.

Yeah, it’s a trivial example for sure. But it sticks.

What’s the benefit of that?

This is what you need to ask yourself whenever you are offering anyone anything.

Then ask yourself, how does it serve them, to give them what they really want? If you don’t know the answer to this question.

You can list 50 benefits hell 100, and still sell nothing.

Bullet points or fascinations sell only if you get this right and tie them back to the core need and benefit of your audience.

Think about it.

5 Marketing Mistakes Even Experts Make:
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5 Marketing Mistakes Even Experts Make:

And How You Can Avoid Them

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